Wednesday, 28 August 2013

You Can Live Life To The Full Even After A Heart Transplant

Nobody can understand the turmoil that a patient and his family go through during a transplant. You live day to day, and really do not have an idea as to how you should react when recommended a heart transplant.

A heart transplant, in particular, is still a complex procedure; difficulties start surfacing right from the time when you look for a donor heart. And even if you find one, you are made to go through tests and examinations to find the compatibility between the donor heart and the recipient. This is done so that your body doesn't reject the new organ.

But, a heart transplant in India shouldn't mean an end to a happy life. In fact, you can live life to the fullest even after a transplant. Join a support group. Always be in touch with the transplant team. Don't comprise on the follow up care. Keep your family and friends around. And rush to your surgeon if you experience some unusual complexities. Medications will also help you live with the new heart better.

There is life after heart transplant in India. You just need to plan it out. Believe in yourself. Believe in god. And believe in your doctor.