Friday, 13 September 2013

Is a Weight Loss Surgery Worth The Money, Time, And Pain You Undergo?

Let's first understand weight loss surgery –

In a weight loss surgery – also known as bariatric surgery – your doctor operates on your stomach and small intestine, which reduces your daily intake of food. And this eventually leads to a gradual weight loss in you.

At present, lap band surgery (where a band is tightened around the upper portion of your stomach to reduce its original size), gastric sleeve surgery (where your stomach is surgically reduced to a sleeve like formation), and gastric bypass surgery (where doctor operates on your stomach as well as on your small intestine) are the most in-demand weight loss surgeries. Hospitals in Punjab, India are among the top hospitals in India in conducting weight loss surgeries.

Weight loss surgery – should you or should you not

Weight loss surgery can be a life-saver for a person who is suffering from morbid obesity, which is a life-threatening condition. Morbid obese are more likely to develop diseases like diabetes, and high blood pressure. A weight loss surgery, in this case, can give a new lease of life to the person.

However, weight loss surgery should never be seen as an overnight solution for a slim and trim body.

Try aerobics, yoga, dieting, medications, rather than undergoing the pain and complications that a surgery brings along. However, there are cases when these things do not help. In those rare cases, surgery may be considered.