Thursday, 4 June 2015

Do You Need A Knee Replacement Surgery?

Osteoarthritis is one of those diseases that affect anyone aged 50 or more, but it has been observed that even young people are susceptible to the risks of osteoarthritis. In severe cases when the knee joint loses all cartilage and the meniscus diminishes surgery becomes the only solution.

Degeneration from Discomfort to Immobility

Irrespective of the reason behind osteoarthritis, discomfort in the knees quickly degenerates so rapidly that soon it becomes impossible for the patient to walk or move without wincing in pain. Before undergoing surgery it is very necessary that patients understand what’s behind the process and what the possibilities of things going wrong post-surgery are. On top of that there is Knee replacement surgery cost in India to consider. We will keep the cost part aside for now and consider the rest.

Things That Can Go Wrong In Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacement surgery isn’t for everyone. There are many things that can go wrong during or after the surgery. The most common of them all is blood clot which begins at the legs and quickly transfers to lungs and other parts of the body. Infections, nausea, vomiting are also commonly associated with the procedure.

Total Knee Replacement Isn’t For All

Total knee replacements have been performed successfully at all ages, from the young teenager with juvenile arthritis to the elderly patient with degenerative arthritis, it has yielded results. However, if the doctor thinks you are not the right candidate for total knee replacement surgery you will be advised against it. Talk to your doctor before deciding anything.