Friday, 10 April 2015

Common Kidney Problems Among Indians

In a report published in a leading international medical journal it came to light that less than 10% of patients with kidney problems have access to proper Nephrology Treatment. In a country that is known for its health service providers and affordable medical procedures, such news comes nothing less than a real surprise to many of us.

What Keeps Patients from Getting Proper Treatment?

Though there is a need for deeper research to understand why people don’t get the right treatment on time, on the top of our heads we would think it has more to do with how little people know of the causes that lead to kidney complications.

Causes behind kidney complications – The Need for Awareness

Kidneys are necessary to keep the body disposing off the waste that is produced every day, without a properly functioning kidney, it would be quite impossible for the body to manage waste. Soon toxic wastes that should have been ejected out of the body will begin flowing throughout the body and bring imminent danger upon the person with the faulty kidney.

Year on year, thousands if not less, are doomed to die without access to dialysis without specific action, with India being hit hard. Health care providers are of the view that the best way forward would be to raise awareness to prevent kidney diseases in the first place, everything else is secondary. Of course there is a need to get more aggressive with providing even better and affordable Nephrology Treatment, but it all begins with awareness.

We hope after reading this you will have become at least a little more aware about your health.