Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to Minimize Your Recovery Time After Cataract Surgery?

If you’re worried about the recovery time after your cataract surgery, be ready for the pleasant surprise. Yes, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll be able to resume your normal routine. But before you opt for the surgery, it is important for you to know the cataract surgery cost in India.

Though it is true that you’ll be able to resume your daily activities easily, there are certain things that you should take care of to minimize your recovery time. Let’s go through them here:

  • Avoid driving on the very first day of your surgery.
  • Do not do any strenuous activity or lift any heavy object at least for a few weeks.
  • Bending over can put extra pressure on your eye, so avoid doing it immediately after undergoing the surgery.
  • Try not to vomit or sneeze right after the surgery.
  • Be cautious after the surgery and do not hurt yourself on doors or other objects.
  • Try to avoid swimming and keep yourself away from things that might cause infection.
  • Do not expose your eyes to dust, wind, grime or any such things at least for the first few weeks.
  • Do not rub your eye.

The above tips will help you recover quickly and easily after your cataract surgery. However, for safe and efficient surgery, you should book your appointment with a well-known surgeon from hospitals like the Max Healthcare. But before you select a clinic, ask for the cataract surgery cost in India at different hospitals.