Friday, 5 July 2013

So, What Radiation Oncology is All About? Find Out in This Post.

Radiation Oncology refers to the medical speciality that deals with cancer treatment using radiation therapy. The doctor that specializes in radiation oncology (radiation oncologist) uses highly regulated doses of high-energy radiation to treat a wide range of cancers. Under the treatment, high energy beams from the machine are aimed at precise points on your body.

Radiation therapy causes some cancer cells to die immediately after treatment; however, most of the cells die because radiation damages the chromosomes and DNA of the body; this ensures that cancerous cells do not multiply and the tumour doesn't grow in size.

Though radiation damages both cancerous and healthy cells, the goal of this treatment is to ensure minimum possible damage to the healthy cells.

Radiation oncologists often work with the team of oncologists, surgeons, and other doctors to offer the best cancer treatment to the patient. At present, there are many hospitals, which offer 'radiation oncology in India'. However, you should get yourself treated in the best hospital in the country that you can afford.

Please note: Your treatment team will go through your medical history, stage of cancer, your general health status, and will only then chart out a treatment plan for you.