Wednesday, 13 April 2016

2 Important Things You Should Know About Bone Marrow Transplantation

When talked about bone marrow transplantation, the first thing that might strike any person’s mind is what is marrow? It is a spongy substance that produces platelets and white and red blood cells to keep you healthy. When this marrow is damaged by blood cancers or certain genetic conditions, this is when you need bone marrow transplantation. There are some reputable clinics like Max Healthcare that offers patient-centric and result-oriented bone marrow transplantation in India.

However, before you opt for transplantation, you need to know 2 important things about it and here they are.

1. When can you require a bone marrow transplant?

In most of the cases, the patients suffering from blood cancer are the ones who need bone marrow transplantation. This is because in such cancer, the bone marrow is totally damaged and it becomes necessary for the doctor to replace it for further treatment.

2. What are the most common types of bone marrow transplants?

Transplants may be autologous or allogeneic. In autologous transplant, the patient can bank his or her stem cells during the treatment of diseases like lymphoma, multiple myeloma etc. and then use the banked stem cells after the treatment for regenerating healthy marrow. However, in case of allogeneic transplants, the patient will need matching stem cells from a donor who might be his or her sibling or a family member.

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