Monday, 2 November 2015

Dealing with Macromastia

Enlarged breasts are health issue that causes the sufferer from pain the neck, back and head. Women who have oversized breasts also suffer from secondary issues such as poor blood circulation, and breathing problems to name a few. Besides those, enlarged bust also causes aesthetic problems such as ill-fitting clothes and excessive strain on the shoulder from supporting clothes. In medical terms this is known as Macromastia and solution can either be surgical or medicinal.

Causes of Macromastia

Most women develop oversized breasts post pregnancy. Fat in the mammary glands increases after pregnancy and also some women are genetically predisposed to develop large breasts. Also, the cup size of certain women increases after they hit menopause.

Therapeutic Assessment

Before surgery, the doctor will take photographs to assess the condition of the patient. The doctor also discusses other aesthetic issues regarding the surgery and takes opinion as to how the final shape and structure is to be kept. During this phase, the doctor will also present pre-surgical preparation techniques and administer examinations to correctly assess every single facet of the upcoming surgery. The patient’s mental health is also assessed because for most women the size of her bust affects her mental state.

Surgical Remedies

The surgical remedies include removing excess tissues from oversized busts. After removing the tissues, another series of procedures help in reshaping and contouring the bust depending on the remaining tissues and the skin keeping nerves and blood vessels as intact as possible.  Reduction mammoplasty, surgery or lumpectomies are three very reliable procedures are administered during breast reduction surgery in Delhi.

Besides surgery, weight reduction regimens are also used with varying degrees of success. With reduction in the fat deposit in the body of women, her bust size decreases as well. In cases where that alone does the trick surgery is not advised, however, if weigh t reduction doesn’t work breast reduction surgery remains the only viable option.