Friday, 7 February 2014

Sit Correct Or Risk Pain In Neck And Back

Best orthopedic hospitals in the city are seeing more and more cases of youngsters coming with complaints of neck and back pain. It's sort of new-age medical problem, but one that is in your control. Only if you can maintain a correct sitting posture while working on a laptop or desktop in office or at home, you can stay away from the neck and back pain (caused by wrong postures).

As a rule of thumb, take a break from your office work (that involves sitting in-front-of computers/laptops for hours) at least after every hour. Stretch your neck and back during this time. Doing this one thing every day is a great way to keep the neck and back pain at bay.

Medical experts from the best orthopedic hospitals in the city are of the view that wrong postures are the primary reason youngsters suffer from back and neck pain these days. And what they all suggest is taking a little time after every hour and not strain eyes, neck, and back for hours.

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